How Long do Fruit Flies Live?

Fruit flies can appear in any household where they can find ripe or rotting food or vegetables. They can infest orchards as well. If they find a breeding ground, then they will be there to stay until the situation is properly taken care of.

But what is the exact lifespan of these nuisances? If their breeding ground is removed and they have no more food to consume, they are eventually going to be gone. In this article, we are going to talk about the lifespan of fruit flies, factors that affect their lifespan and ways to kill them.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live For?

If we take a look at the whole life cycle of a fruit fly, it all begins with an egg. Female flies are constantly looking for rotting fruits or vegetables to lay their eggs in. Rotten organic materials can be found in garbage cans and drains as well.

They lay down up to five eggs that take about a whole day to hatch. When they hatch, cream-colored larvae come out. The reason why female fruit flies lay eggs in such places is because there is plenty of decaying matter for the larvae to consume.

Once the larvae have broke out of their egg, they are going to consume overripe fruits for about 5 days. Then, it is time for them to find a spot aside from the feeding site and enter the pupal stage. After the span of about 48 hours, they become adult fruit flies who are ready to fly and reproduce.

If the temperature is ideal for the adult fruit flies, they are able to live for about 40 days.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live Without Fruit?

Given that fruit flies have no access to food, they are not going to live for long. When there is nothing for them to consume, they are expected to live for up to 4 days. While ripe fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and other fruit-based consumables are the main source of nutrition for them, they are still able to stay alive for a while.

If fruit flies can find any liquid carbohydrate such as nectar in their near proximity, they can survive for a couple of weeks.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live in a House?

The temperature is often not ideal for fruit flies in a typical household. This can sometimes significantly reduce the lifespan of an adult fly. On average, they live for as long as 30 days in a house. Minimizing the availability of food can further reduce their lifespan.

This can be done by removing ripe fruits from the kitchen and storing them in the fridge or elsewhere. Damp towels and dirty drains can also attract fruit flies. In drains, there can be plenty of decaying fruits or vegetables that they can feed on.

Also make sure it that it is clean around the garbage can, leaving fruit flies with even less resources.

What Kills Fruit Flies in the House?

There are plenty of things that can be found in most households that can be used to kill fruit flies. First off, you need to find a couple of attractants that they can’t resist. These include honey, beer, wine, apple cider vinegar, water mixed with melted sugar, ripe fruits and fruit juices.

Choose one or more of these and put some in a container. It can be a bowl, a jar or even a plastic bottle. It is easy to work with plastic bottles because you can just cut them in half with a sharp tool and create a tunnel with the top part.

You can pour any of the abovementioned ingredients into the bottom part. If you use one of the liquid-based ones, then you can also use a few drops of dish soap to reduce the surface tension. Once the fruit flies get in, they will drown into the fluid more easily.

Once you have prepared the attractant, you can just put the top quarter of the bottle on the bottom part, upside down. This way, it will be easy for fruit flies to enter but nearly impossible to leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do Fruit Flies Live in Your House?

The average lifespan of an adult fruit fly in a house is 30 days. This depends on the temperature and food availability as well. It takes them about a week to get to the adult phase in their lifecycle.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live Indoors?

Adult fruit flies can live up to 50 days indoors if the conditions are ideal. In a typical household, the conditions are suboptimal so they live only about 30 days. From the moment when the larvae hatch, their lifespan is 35-40 days.

How Long do Gnats and Fruit Flies Live?

Gnats and fruit flies live about 50 days. It takes about 24 hours for the eggs to hatch and then the larvae will only eat for 5 days. Then starts the pupal stage which takes about 48 hours. Then, the adult fruit fly will live an additional 40 days approximately.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live Without Food?

Adult fruit flies can live up to 4 days without food. This means that there are no ripe fruits, fruit-based products or liquid carbohydrates for them to find. Liquid carbohydrates can ensure that fruit flies will live for another 2-3 weeks.

How Long do Fruit Flies Live in a House?

Fruit flies typically live in a house 40 days if the conditions are decent and 30 days if conditions are suboptimal. If there is nothing for them to consume, then they can die from hunger in 4 days. The whole fruit fly colony can live and reproduce as long as there is a breeding site and fruit or vegetable-based foods for them to consume.

How Long do Adult Fruit Flies Live?

An adult fruit fly can live up to 50 days given that the conditions are ideal. In most households, they can live 30-40 days depending on the temperature and resources.

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