What attracts fruit flies?

Have you got a fruit fly infestation? Are you wondering what brings them to your home, so you can get rid of it and consequently eradicate the pesky invaders? We’ll cover it all in the article! Hmm… ‘fruit’ flies. I wonder what they’re attracted to.

What are fruit flies attracted to?

Well they aren’t called fruit flies for nothing. As their name suggests, fruit flies love fruit. They reproduce in it, they are born in it, they live on it, they feed on it.

But not just any food. Fruit flies love overripe, moist, rotting fruits. It starts as soon as there is a bit of fermentation. Fruit flies possess special olfactory receptors used to sniff out certain yeasts and chemicals they consume. These are usually found in ripening fruits and vegetables, where the sugars from fermentation give them a source of quicky, tasty energy.

What attracts fruit flies in the house?

For example, a glass of wine in which there is a tiny sip, a bit of beer left in a cup, a rotting potato in your vegetable drawer, a putrefied banana peel in your garbage can. It really doesn’t take much. Nor does it take long, especially when it’s hot.

From long distances, fruit flies can pick of the scent of yeasts, anti-oxidants and other micro-organisms. They’ll cover long distances to get to the source of the enticing odors. Organic debris, rotting vegetables, anything fruity and sweet left on your table. It may not seem unhygienic to you, but it’s what’s going to attract fruit flies and it’s beginning of their invasion.

What attracts fruit flies in the bathroom?

So you’ve learned that fruit flies love fruit, wine, even vegetables. What brings them to your bathroom then? Nobody really has fruit bowls near their sink. While fruit flies are enticed by fermenting products like ripening vegetables and fruity liquids, they don’t exclusively feed on such. Any decaying organic matter will do, if not to serve as a food source, at least as a breeding ground.

You might be wondering still: well then, why are they in my bathroom? You’ve got plenty of organic debris in your bathroom, specifically in your drains. Dead skin cells, clumps of hair and all sorts of slime and gunk coat the bowels of your sink and shower. It’s a moist, humid environment teeming with bacteria. Which makes it paradise for fruit flies. It serves as the perfect breeding ground, out of sight, dark and humid. When the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the gunk and slime coating your drains.

What fruit attracts fruit flies?

Fruit flies aren’t picky. They aren’t even exclusively attracted to fruit, vegetables will do just fine as well. As long as it’s fermenting and ripening, fruit flies will be drawn to it in droves. Anything in your fruit bowl, groceries, garden or leftovers is perfect game for the tiny pests. However, certain fruits are more susceptible to their damage. Fruit flies aren’t only a nuisance in our kitchens, bathrooms and homes, but they cause a lot of damage on large scale farms.

Citrus fruits are common targets for the fruit fly. Certain parasites and predators of the fruit fly are repelled by the smell of citrus, which makes lemons and oranges the perfect place for fruit flies to lay their eggs. They’re among the worst pests in citrus grove, as once the eggs hatch, the fruit is spoilt and ruined.

Grapes are tempting to flies, as the fruit quickly ferments and secretes the scent of sweet alcohols the insects are so attracted to. Banana peels are also something you’d want to keep away from the open, as they ripen quickly and the resulting antioxidants quickly draw in fruit flies.

But don’t let your guard down too quickly. Potatoes, squash, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, apples. Once ripe, rotten, or fermenting, they’re all tasty treats to fruit flies.

What food attracts fruit flies?

Fruit flies are attracted to the smells of yeasts and bacteria secreted during the decomposition of certain organic matter. This makes overripe fruits and vegetables their biggest target. However, anything relatively moist and made of organic matter can also serve as a food source for them. The skins of fruits and vegetables in your garbage can also attract flies, as they give off the scent of antioxidants during their ripening and decomposition. I doubt you consider the gunk coating your kitchen drain food, but it’s delicious for them!

In general, it’s best to get rid of any leftovers, any food stuck on your dishes if you are leaving them in the sink overnight, any sips of wine or juice left in a glass. Empty out your trash often and make sure to use any overly ripe fruit or vegetables before they start to rot or decompose.

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