How to get rid of fruit flies in bathroom?

A lot of people struggle with flies in their bathroom, and after a bit of online research, they’ll at least come to the conclusion that certain flies they see are fruit flies. But many will begin to wonder why those fruit flies are in their bathrooms.

How did they just magically appear in my clean bathroom? And aren’t they called ‘fruit’ flies? Is it not drain flies who tend to infest our bathrooms and drains? In this article, we’ll provide you with answers, as well as a solution to get rid of the fruit fly problem you’re struggling with.

If one way or another, fruit flies have decided to take up residence in your home, it is not simply by chance. These bothersome pests have certainly found something to enjoy. This species and its larvae feed on decaying fruits and ripe vegetables (bruised peaches, ripe strawberries, blackened bananas, rotten apples…) as well as fermented products such as beer, wine, vinegar, and cider.

Why are there fruit flies in my bathroom?

After invading your home, the fruit fly will start looking for a dark, humid spot to lay its eggs. While it’s common for the insects to lay their eggs in the skin of overripe fruit, it isn’t the only place that fits their criteria. You may think your home is perfectly clean, but kitchen sinks, kitchen and bathroom floors and drains, garbage cans, compost are all perfect breeding grounds for the female flies to lay her countless eggs, with just the right amount of moisture, darkness and organic material.

After a short period of time, the eggs will then hatch, larvae will feed on the gunk and organic material and will quickly grow and transform into fully developed, adult flies. The female fly can lay up to 100 eggs a day, and the whole development process doesn’t take very long. In time, you’ll be getting stormed by the pests, and at this stage, you’ve got in an infestation to deal with.

Since they reproduce at a crazy speed, you’ll start to see them everywhere. One will become a couple, and a couple will become an entire horde. They’ll buzz around your windows, disturb you in the kitchen and in your bathrooms, invade your fruit bowl… It’s annoying, unhygienic, and even dangerous. It soon becomes clear: you should get rid of them at all costs! But how do you do that?

Where do fruit flies come from in the bathroom?

Start by identifying problematic areas which could be potential breeding grounds from which the flies emerge from. Examine all of the drains in your bathroom. Anywhere with multiple larvae or flies in or around it is almost certainly problematic. Fortunately, they do not usually move far from what they call home. You can take care of the problem quickly and avoid an infestation throughout your entire home.

How to kill fruit flies in bathroom?

After you’ve identified where the pests are coming from, the first way to get on the offensive is by cleaning your bathroom well. It’s the first, and most crucial step to say goodbye to fruit flies. By maintaining pristine hygiene, you will drastically lower the chances of the flies laying their eggs there in the first place.  Eliminate sources of moisture as much as possible. Examine your wet towels, rags, mats and sponges. Then wash them in hot water mixed with vinegar or bleach. Dry them outside.

If you have a garbage bin in your bathroom, empty it out and wash the bottom after doing so, especially if any liquid has leaked out. Make sure to clean the area around it as well.

Clean your shower’s filter, if there is one. Remove the filter or screen from the contaminated drain and clean it thoroughly by removing any hair, dirt, gunk or other debris stuck in it. The key to getting rid of the midge’s breeding nest is to remove all of this organic material to make the drains unhospitable for the larvae and eggs.

You’re going to then want to proceed by getting rid of any eggs and larvae already residing in your bathroom. Adult flies are harder to kill, but boiling water will eradicate any living creatures in your drain. It’s also recommended to dilute a bit of vinegar with the water before boiling it and pouring it into the drains, as to remove any grime and scum while killing the young fruit flies at the same time.

These are all measures to avoid attracting them, disrupt the breeding process and to get rid of them at the preliminary stages, but to kill the adult fruit flies spread throughout your home, you’ll need to use a homemade trap.

How to trap fruit flies – DIY solutions

Start by taking a small container (either a bowl or a plastic container) and pour about two centimeters of apple cider vinegar and a bit of dish soap in it. The vinegar has a fruity smell that attracts the flies, and the dish soap will coat their wings and legs and prevent them for escaping the trap. You can also use beer or wine instead of apple cider vinegar, but personally, I prefer consuming these drinks rather than using them in a flytrap!

You’ll then “close” the jar either with a funnel, or cover it with cling wrap and then poke a few holes, just big enough for the flies.

Fruit flies are attracted to the scent of alcohols, which can be found in the vinegar. They’ll make way to the source of the scent and slip in through the wholes, but once inside, they’ll be unable to escape. You’ll notice a few dead fruit flies in your trap everyday if you set it up right. Replace the vinegar every day or every other day.

As an extra measure, you can make your own spray deterrent by mixing a few drops of essential oils to a bit of hater water and spraying surfaces in your and bathroom. Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint all do a good job at repelling fruit flies.

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