How to get rid of fruit flies in sink?

Do you have fruit fly infestation in sink? By reading this article you will understand how these small flies appeared there and how you can get rid of them.

Can fruit flies live in sink drains?

Despite what their name may suggest, fruit flies aren’t exclusively attracted to fruit. While they are quite attracted to fermenting and sugary substances, all they really need is moisture and a food source, which can be any decaying organic matter. If swarms of small flies suddenly appear around your sink, you’ve probably got a fruit fly invasion, and they’re thriving in your skin drains.

What causes fruit flies in the sink?

Full of organic debris and moisture, your kitchen sink is one of the best places for fruit flies to lay their eggs, out of sight. When you’re washing your dishes, bits of food inevitably stick in your drain, and with time, they become a slimy grime that covers your drains. Fruit flies are attracted to this decaying biological matter, as it the perfect spot for them to live and reproduce. The organic trapped inside the wet drain outlets serve as a home and food sources for eggs and larvae. For them, it is paradise!

How do I get rid of fruit flies in my kitchen sink?

Fruit flies are attracted to food and moisture, so logically the first step in getting rid of them is getting rid of anything that attracts them. When it comes to your drains, that means getting rid of the decaying matter coating your drains, cutting off their food source and leaving them with no home or breeding grounds.

First of all, you could start by using boiling water. It’ll dissolve the grime coating your sink’s pipes, and kill any larvae or eggs.

Another efficient way to get rid of them is to pour coffee grounds into your kitchen sink. Then run very hot water. Unfortunately for them, it will be impossible for them to come back to the surface, while your pipes are being cleaned at the same time: kill two birds with one stone! You can also use baking soda and white vinegar instead of coffee grounds, it’s just as effective!

Don’t forget the saying: prevention is better than cure. Maintain hygiene in your kitchen to prevent the pesky insects from getting there in the first place. Eliminate anything that might cause moisture, or the buildup of decaying organic material. This means keeping your sink dry and rinsing it well after doing the dishes. If you don’t have the time to wash your dishes immediately, at least rinse them, especially anything sweet and fermenting that might attract them like fruit, jam and wine.

Why are fruit flies coming out of my sink?

Attracted to the scent of decaying or fermenting organic material in your kitchen, a fruit fly or two may enter your home, one way or another. Your kitchen sink serves as the perfect home and breeding grounds for them, full of food and moisture. The female fruit fly will lay countless eggs in the debris stuck in your sink’s drains. After a few days, the eggs will hatch into larvae. The larvae will eat the organic matter coating your pipes and grow quickly in the span of a few days, before turning into adult flies. These adult flies will then fly out of the drains, seeking new sources of food and looking to continue the cycle.

What are some efficient home remedies to get rid of fruit flies?

It is not recommended to use toxic chemicals in your kitchen so there are many home remedies to help you with your problem. Traps are important tools for getting rid of adult fruit flies. You can buy them in stores, but it is easy to make them yourself. Here are some ideas:

Trap #1: Put a little apple cider vinegar, beer or fruit juice in a jar and add a few drops of dish soap. Cover the jar with clear plastic wrap and drill a few holes in it. Fruit flies will be attracted to the inside, but will be unable to get out. Place your trap on the counter near your sink.

Trap #2: Make a funnel with a sheet of plain paper and seal it with tape. Insert the narrow end into a bottle with vinegar, beer or a piece of ripe fruit.

Trap #3: The scent of any sweet and fermenting will draw in flies from all over your house. A wine bottle that is almost empty, with only a bit of wine at the bottom is the perfect trap. Attracted to the fruity, fermenting smell, the flies will enter the bottle and end up stuck in it.

As mentioned before, you can also pour coffee grounds, boiling water or a mix of baking soda and white vinegar to clean your sink’s drains and kill any eggs or larvae residing there.

How do I get rid of a fruit fly infestation?

Fruit flies reproduce at an amazing speed, and their numbers will rise quickly and exponentially, so you’ll want to get rid of any breeding grounds first. These are all going to be in moist places full of decaying organic matter, including your bathroom and kitchen drains and your trash can. Make sure the areas around these places are clean, and identify problematic spot. Then you’re going to want to get rid of the organic debris they’re reproducing in and consuming, using one of the previously mentioned methods (vinegar, boiling water.). Simultaneously, you’ll want to eliminate any adult flies around your house, using homemade or store-bought traps. On top of that, maintain proper hygiene in your kitchen and bathroom is key to getting rid of a fruit fly infestation and preventing them from coming back.

If you’re unlucky and the homemade traps and natural products don’t work for you, you’re going to have to turn to professionals. Look for a professional drain cleaning service or an exterminator. There are also more harsh chemicals available online that’ll surely eliminate any fly in your home.

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